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New Netflix Film Is Seeking Twin Babies


Looking for Twin Babies! (or other multiples) 6 months to One year!

Date needed: Tuesday Sept. 13th

Location: Atlanta, GA

Film Rate: $200 per child


Now taking PHOTO submissions for the following specialty BG role that will be chosen by the film's Director. Photos should be CURRENT and in good lighting. Filming will take place in Atlanta next Tuesday Sept. 13th.


If you, or someone you know, has TWINS or TRIPLETS, who are at least 6 months old and up to one year old, please share this post with them, because we are looking for twins or triplets, six months to one years old, who look CAUCASIAN. Filming will be September 13th in Atlanta area for $200 per baby.

There are no vaccination or booster requirements for the babies or Guardians, and all Covid testing will happen on the filming date. You do NOT have to be registered with Central Casting to submit.


To submit, please send:

1. Children's Names + DOB

2. Parent(s) Name + Phone Number

3. Current Photos and sizes of the babies.

Send to: ***********

Subject Line: “TWIN BABIES”


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