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Casting Actors For A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol - Equity Video Submissions

Passage Theatre Company


SPT $375 Weekly Minimum (Tier 3) + Health, Pension, Transportation, And Housing


Equity Actors For Roles In A Christmas Carol (See Breakdown).

Non-binary And Transgender Actors Are Encouraged To Submit For Both Roles.

This Unique Adaptation Of The Classic Story Uses Only Two Actors, One Playing Scrooge, The Other Playing Charles Dickens. Dickens Then Transforms Himself Into All Of The Other Characters, Interacting With Scrooge While Also Conjuring Up Each New Scene. Utilizing Puppetry, Costumes, And Classic Storytelling, The Play Draws The Audience Into Another World And Allows Them To Experience A Well-known Story In A New Way.


Please Prepare Two 1-2 Minute Monologues Showing Your Range As A Performer. Email Your Headshot/resume And Video Submission (As Youtube Link Or An Mp4). Please Note That You Will Be Notified By Email If They Would Like You To Attend The Live Callbacks In Trenton. Please Check Your Spam Folder For Updates.

Deadline: Fri, Sep 30, 2022

Submit To



Playwright: James Armstrong

Viewing Auditions:

Director: Aaron Oster

Artistic Director: C. Ryanne Domingues


Ebenezer Scrooge - Any Race, Any Ethnicity. A Selfish And Miserly Old Man Who Works As An Investment Banker And Commodities Broker In London In 1843.

Charles Dickens (Doubles As Bob, Fred, Fred's Wife, A Portly Gentleman, A Caroler, Fanny, Fezziwig, Belle, Her Husband, Mrs. Cratchit, Martha, Tiny Tim, A Fat Man, A Man Of Business, An Old Woman, A Debtor, A Boy In Sunday Clothes, And Assorted Ghosts) Any Race, Any Ethnicity, Any Age. Has The Skill Set To Easily And Quickly Transform From One Character Into The Next With Clarity And Precision.

Other Dates

October 4: Callbacks

November 21 - December 8: Rehearsals (30 Hrs/week Rehearsal)


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