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Auditions For A Bright New Boise

A Bright New Boise - Equity Video Submissions

Signature Theatre Company Inc.


Off Broadway

$1,061 Weekly Minimum (Off-broadway CC)


Equity Actors For Roles In A Bright New Boise By Samuel D. Hunter (See Breakdown).

This 2011 Obie Award-winning Comedy Centers On Will, Who Has Fled His Northern Idaho Hometown After Tragedy Struck His Evangelical Church. Working At A Boise Hobby Lobby, Will Forges Connections With His New Coworkers And Struggles To Reconcile His Life With His Faith.

Edia Statement: Signature Theatre Is An Equal Opportunity/affirmative Action Employer And Encourages Performers Of All Ethnicities, Genders, Abilities, Ages, And Other Ways Of Identifying, To Audition. Please Note That Unless Otherwise Specified In The Breakdown, For All Roles They Are Actively Seeking And Welcoming Of Actors Of Any Ethnicity, Race, Gender/gender Identification/gender Expression, Age, And Physical And Neurological Ability.


Please Prepare A Contemporary Monologue (1 Minute Or Less). Videos Should Be Shot In Landscape Framing And

Sent In A Non-downloadable Format – Private Youtube Link, Vimeo, Etc. Please Email Your Video Submission

Along With Your Headshot And Resume. The Subject Line Should Include Your Name And The Role(s) You Are Auditioning For.

Deadline: Tue, Sep 27, 2022

Submit To



Playwright: Samuel D. Hunter

Director: Oliver Butler

General Manager: Kenneth Naanep

Casting: Caparelliotis Casting

Viewing Auditions:

Artistic Director: Paige Evans

Associate Artistic Director: Beth Whitaker

Artistic Line Producer: Jeremy Ehlinger

Artistic Fellow: Leo Gonzalez Dominguez

Casting Director: David Caparelliotis

Casting Director: Joe Gery


Will: He/him, Late 30’s – Early 40’s; White. Newly Arrived To Boise From A Smaller, More Obscure Idaho Town, Will Has Seemingly Left Behind His Some Would Say Cult-like Church, And His Fervent Religious Zealotry, To Attempt To Reconnect With Alex, The Son Will Gave Up For Adoption As An Infant Years Ago When He Was Quite Young Himself; Will Applies For A Job At The Same Hobby Lobby At Which Alex Works. Possessed Of A Mild Manner, An Accommodating Demeanor, And Seemingly Benevolent Intentions, Will Has An Active Life Online That May Or May Not Be At Odds With What He Projects To The Outside World. Not The Best At Social Interactions, Both Personal And Professional, Will Is Trying To Reconcile His Beliefs With The Reality Of His Actual Life And Relationships. A Man With No Emergency Contacts To List, There Is More To Him Than Meets The Eye.

Alex: He/him, 17, Any Ethnicity. Put Up For Adoption When He Was A Baby, Alex Has Grown Up Resenting His Adoptive Parents And His Seemingly Dead-end Life In His Seemingly Dead-end Town; Projects A Wary And Sometimes Cynical Vibe Towards Those Around Him. Part Petulant Teen/part Inscrutable Young Thinker, Alex’s Work At The Hobby Lobby Does Not Offer A Wide Berth For His Dreams Of A Better Life; The Type Of Kid Who Always Has His Earphones On, But Whom You Would Not Immediately Suspect Would Be Listening To Classical Music On Those Earphones. Wry And Ironic, Sharp And Quick-witted, Alex Is Looking For Answers From Life And From Will Once He Arrives. Prone To Panic Attacks.

Pauline: She/her, Late 30’s-mid 50’s, Any Ethnicity. Manager Of The Boise Hobby Lobby. A Scrappy Survivor Who Has Seen Some Things In Her Life, And Who Has Put Blood, Sweat, And Tears Into Keeping This Hobby Lobby Alive And Thriving; Possessed Of A Natural Sense Of Humor And A Sometimes Cutting And Caustic Wit, She Can Read You The Riot Act One Second And Then Ask You Sincerely How Your Personal Life Is Going The Next, A Quality That Makes Her An Unpredictable Live Wire.

Anna: She/her, Mid 20’s-early 30’s, Any Ethnicity. An Employee At The Hobby Lobby Who Like Will Hides In The Aisles At Closing Time To Remain There After Hours To Pursue Personal Interests, In Her Case, Reading. Creative And Curious, Anna Has Worked Hard For Her Not-easily-won Independence; Not The Most Socially Adept Human On The Planet, She Can Be Flighty And Inadvertently Funny But Is Not Without Gravitas And A Reserve Of Untapped Emotional Intelligence, Weight, And Grace.

Leroy: He/him, Mid-late 20’s, Any Ethnicity. Alex’s Protective, Witty And Perhaps Even Wise, Older, Adoptive Brother. A Visual Artist Whose Work Seeks To Disrupt What He Sees As Unacceptable Cultural Norms/tropes With In-your-face Words And Images That Make Bold Statements And Demand Attention. Getting A Master’s Degree In Fine Art. Sees Working At Hobby Love As Its Own Sort Of Performance Art.

Other Dates

First Rehearsal: 01/03/2023

Previews Begin: 01/31/2023

End Of Guaranteed Run: 03/12/2023

Possible Extension Through: 03/26/2023


Equity’s Contracts Prohibit Discrimination. Equity Is Committed To Diversity And Encourages All Its Employers To Engage In A Policy Of Equal Employment Opportunity Designed To Promote A Positive Model Of Inclusion. As Such, Equity Encourages Performers Of All Ethnicities, Gender Identities, And Ages, As Well As Performers With Disabilities, To Submit.


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